Friday, August 31, 2007

Invader Zim Episodes - on DVD and Download!

I have so many favorite Invader Zim Episodes that it's hard to pick even a few favorites. But I must say, my favorite character is Gir. Zim's such a nut, but Gir is the voice of comical reason while Dib is the voice of well-founded and real paranoia about aliens! The whole series is so absurd it's totally hilarious!

I think my favorite line is when Gir says: "But wouldn't that be all bad?" when Zim is blowing the city up, but the explosion is happening in slow motion.

Or "Are you gonna make bisquits" or "I made mashed potatoes".

I can't decide!!! Leave me a comment on your favorite Invader Zim episodes!

You can get them all, if you don't have them already, on DVD or by downloading them to your computer: Invader Zim Complete Invasion (3 vol. set)

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